Setting Ring Group Destination to a non-Extension

I would like to modify the caller ID of certain important calls that need to be routed to my cell phone. Here is my configuration:

Inbound Route > Time Condition > Ring Group

I have two destinations to the Ring Group (set to ringall). One is an extension on my phone. I set the CID prefix so I can visually identify the type of call on my desk phone.

The second destination is my problem. It needs to dial directly to my cell with a prefixed caller id. I created a Set CallerID that will add my prefix and then dial the extension that calls my cell. My problem is that I cant figure out how to set the Set CallerID item as a Ring Group destination as it does not have an extension associated with it. I know I could modify the CID earlier in the sequence, but I only want the CID adjusted when it goes to my cell and not internally (i.e. when it goes to my desk extension).

Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance.

The missing part of your equation is a Misc Application. It assigns a feature code to an existing destination.

Also read the mouseover help for ring groups. When adding non-extension numbers to a ring group, they must be suffixed with a #.

That fixed my problem! Thanks!

A follow-on problem, though. This is related Google Voice. My system is like this:

Time Condition -> Ring Group -> 2 destinations cont below

from rg -> Ext. to my desk
from rg -> Misc Application (12345#) -> Set CID -> Custom Ext to my cell

The Ring Group does NOT have Must Confirm set so when I answer, it just answers. My cell’s voicemail is Google Voice. I set the timout on the ring group to 99 secs so that when my cell goes to VM, that would just pick up and complete the call. What actually happens, though, is my cell stops ringing like it is going to VM and the caller keeps hearing a ring like it is still ringing. It eventually just hangs up.

If I direct dial the Misc. Destination from a phone in my office, the VM works perfectly.

What gives???

Thanks for your help.