Setting Ring duration and rejecting call without answering

1.) How can I set a Ring duration before the call is answered (to lets say 10 rings) in freepbx?

2.) I have an Time Conditioned IVR - how can I set this up to reject calls with busy tone after 7 pm ? (reject - so the call shouldnt get answered by freepbx - this way the customer wont be charged for the call).

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  1. Check out the “Ring Time” option on each extension. Note that it is in seconds, not number of rings. If you are using a ring group, look at the “Ring Time” option on the ring group instead - again, it’s in seconds as opposed to number of rings.*

  2. In the time condition, send the call to “Terminate Call” with “Busy” if it’s after 7pm. I’m not sure what you mean when you say you do not want the call answered by FreePBX though. FreePBX/Asterisk HAS to take the call in order to provide the busy signal - it won’t come from nowhere! Sorry, there’s no way around this.

*EDIT: I should also add that many VoIP phones have a setting for ring time which may overide the settings used on FreePBX - make sure that a ring time is not also set on the phone itself.

  1. ) Thank you

2.) I am sure that you are wrong about the compulsory answering the call by the system. It is all about the signalling from the server. It is like delaying processing the request to answer the call by the server - Network provided tones - and then sending a response Busy 486.
By default the FREE PBX answers the call and plays the IVR with something like " This number is not … blabla ". In this case we need to replace the instruction to play IVR with the instruction to send response back with BUSY without answering the call.
I do not know how to do it yet tho.

No problem.

You are correct - phone systems send a response code to indicate that a line is busy. The 486 response code is triggered by the busy signal being sent by the “Terminate Call - Busy” set in your time condition. If calls are currently going to an IVR after 7pm, you need to look at your time conditions again and make sure you send calls after 7pm to “Terminate Call”. You will be able to see the signal in the log. However, this still means that FreePBX is taking the call in order to send the busy 486 signal; there’s no guarantee that this will not result in charges for your customers - this is dependent on their own phone providers. Chances are, they WILL be charged the second the phone server takes the call and sends the busy signal - it’s not an analogue system.