Setting "labels" on incoming calls per DID

I have a trucking distribution company. each truck has a cell phone in it. each of those cell phones are forwarded to a specific DID in my freepbx system and will always forward to the same DID. each cell phone has that one DID only that it will always forward to.

I need to setup to where when each cell phone is called (which is forwarded to its DID, so would be the same as calling the DID directly)…

my phones/softphones shows the name of a truck thats assigned to each DID and also the caller id of the actual caller.

so basically im “labeling” each DID in my system with a name such as “Truck 121”

so when person A calls truck 121’s cell phone…the phones/softphones at the office will ring and say “Truck 121” and have person A’s caller id number


Caller ID Name prefixes are settable in Inbound Routes, just create a route for each DID and set a corresponding prefix for each.

thanks for quick answer. I did do that as a test in the inbound route for a DID. in the CID name prefix i put truck121:

that route is set to come to my extension which rings zoiper installed on my cell.

the incoming call to that DID just shows the name of my company, which i really dont even know where its getting that from. but main thing is truck121 is not on there while its ringing.

Share a call trace via pastebin, from that we can determine if the prefix is being set and where the CID you see on Zoiper is coming from. Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

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