Setting Digium D45 logos using Digium Phones communications module

Has anyone had any success configuring a custom logo on the new Digium D45 phones? I have been able to set this up using the D70. but am running into a wall on the D45’s.

And, that’s a whoops.

To fix that, we’ll have to push an update for both DPMA as well as for the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX.

Stay tuned.

Malcolm I see where there is now a D45 logo option. I simply recycled my D40 logo but still my phones display the asterisk logo. Any reports of this?

argh…whoops. We masked a voicemail PIN feature in the current version of the Digium Phones Addon so it wouldn’t show unless you were using res_digium_phone (DPMA) version 2.1 or greater. We forgot to mask the D45 logo option.

We’re cutting internal release candidates of DPMA 2.1 today for final testing. If all goes well in QA it’ll be out and available prior to Astricon and you’ll need it in addition to the current version of the Digium Phones Addon.

Sorry about that. :frowning: