Setting default language for pjsip extensions

Hello everybody… a newbie user here.

Where can I set the default language for chan pjsip?

In the “Chan SIP” “Asterisk SIP settings” I find a “Language” param to set to “es” as the default language for “Chan SIP” extensions, but I don’t find this option in the “Chan PJSIP” configuration.

The only way I find is to set the language on every PJSIP extension I add.

Some way to make “es” as the default language for all my PSIP extensions?

FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-26
Asterisk (Ver. 13.2.0)

The best way to set “es” to be really your default general language for you entire asterisk system is to add to /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf the following:

defaultlanguage = es;

That is perfect I have added this line in the [options] section and it works as I want. I has been required to restart asterisk.

Thank you.