Setting Company Directory to somethign other then #


I have an IVR setup that works fine with one exception. I have the user choose from 9 current options and would like to have them hit “9” to go to the Company Directory so the caller can of course search by last name etc…

When I create the option and set it to “9” then select Phone book Directory as the option It doesn’t work.
When they press “9” it just hangs up. But pressing “#” takes them to Directory.

So my question is… Why doesn’t the option on the IVR work when I assign option #9 to go to Phone Directory?
Or am I always stuck using “#”?

Thank you

Newbie Moe,

hehe, every week somebody get’s confused…

there are two system functions that are very similar but act totaly different, directory and pbdirectory.

by default:

goes to a system called directory. This uses the voicemail.conf file to get names, extensions, etc and can search by first or last name and can get a playback of the recorded users name when they search and pick.

411 goes to a system called pbdirectory (phonebook directory). This uses berkley DB and needs to be loaded with names to be searched. It does not pay attention to the seach option first name, last name, both. it can not play back recorded names, etc…

If you do not have the modules installed to do pbdirectory but pick that when building your IVR it will hang up like you describe.

make sure in the ivr that you are selecting directory as the destination.

To do what you want do the following (assuming you want to use directory).

  1. go to misc Destinations and enter in “directory” for the description, and select directory from the dropdown list, click submit changes.
  2. go back to your ivr and put 9 in the box, select misc destinations and select directory (if you only have one it will be the only choice).
  3. submit and apply changes and you are set.

fskrotzki, I can get your above instructions for “directory” working no problem AS LONG as I choose either First name or Last name. As soon as I select both I get an immediate voice recording that plays in endless loop. The recording says “No directory entries match your search”.

I have already un-installed and re-installed the module to no avail. Unfortunately I just missed you in IRC today. In fact you were talking about a related subject with “ElPingu”. I will try to drop in on IRC tomorrow. If you have a sec, though, could you write up some basic instructions on how to troubleshoot this here? (assuming there is a fix).



For the directory there should not be a issue with using both. That’s how we have it configured here at the office. Some know a persons first name only and others know the last name.

What version of Freepbx and the directory are you using?