Setting a Time Readout

I’m brand new to freePBX and am only doing this as a hobby. I am making a payphone with a Raspberry Pi attached. It is a closed system - no outside dialing at all. I’m making it so if I call different numbers you get different messages: of course, 8675309 for a clip of Jenny, or Lily Tomlin clips when you call the operator. One of the main uses is to “call” my folks and have them leave messages to each member of my family - a bit morbid, but their health isn’t great, and I want to have greeting messages from them.
I don’t have any questions with the above, as it seems pretty straight forward.

However, I thought it would be fun to put in a time readout, such as the “At the Tone the Time Will Be 8:46 and 30 seconds…beep.”

Is there a built-in way of doing this? Or, is there an outside program that could be integrated? Again, just seems like it would be a fun added feature.


No need to add, already extant.

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Perfect! Thanks

It’s a core feature of FreePBX, selectable as a destination and dialable using *60:

Thanks. I’ll have to play with the software this weekend.

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