SetCallerID module issue

Hello, Has anyone had any issues using this module (Running FreePBX 2.11, Asterisk 1.8.22)? When attemting to change the caller ID and sending the call to a queue, when the caller is put on hold all they hear is silence (no music on hold). The asterisk console shows it is playing music on hold. The user’s phone will show as if the caller terminated the call. The caller will be left on “hold” (no music) until they disconnect the call. I found nothing in the asterisk log files that could help except for this line:
Didn’t get a frame from channel: SIP/XXX where XXX can be the extension number of the user answering the call. This doesn’t happen when I remove the SetCallerID module from the diaplan, and when it is put back on I can replicate the issue every single call.

Can you provide a call trace both working and not

Here is the pastebin:

The caller’s number is: 3055550233
The main number of the PBX was: 3055555555
The extension that answered the call in the queue was 447


Here is a trace when it is working normally (without the SetCallerID Module):


Just a note:
Log section I am focusing on… Still looking at this

[2014-07-01 16:57:55] VERBOSE[16330] pbx.c:     -- Executing [1@app-setcid:2] Set("DAHDI/i2/3055550233-168c", "CALLERID(name)=-EN- Cell Phone   FL") in new stack
[2014-07-01 16:57:55] DEBUG[16330] pbx.c: Launching 'Set'
[2014-07-01 16:57:55] VERBOSE[16330] pbx.c:     -- Executing [1@app-setcid:3] Set("DAHDI/i2/3055550233-168c", "CALLERID(num)=-EN- 3055550233") in new stack

Can you try without -EN-

When I try without “-EN-” (just leave the ${CALLERID(num)} and ${CALLERID(name)} as default) it works; obviously this leaves the caller id info unmodified. I then tried removing the dashes, still had the same issue. I noticed it only happens if I modify the number portion of the caller but not the name.

For now, I just put “${CALLERID(name)} - EN-” but the users have been complaining it doesn’t appear for all calls. I’m assuming it is because some calls we do not receive the name portion of the caller ID from our provider.

If you leave it in the name part even when the caller ID in Null, you will still get -EN-

I don’t know that the protocol for CNUM supports anything outside of 0-9A-F -

You can try escaping it:




You could try prefixing a ‘+’ character to the CallerID Number. Asterisk seems to happily preserve that character when it is supplied by the provider.