Set variable by phone and change recording depending on it


we have a small FreePBX 13 installation running for managing our 10 extensions and 3 trunks at our venue.
Sometimes we want to insert an pre-existing recording for incoming calls to inform calling people about a recent cancellation of planned events for the current day. This recording is static, so we just need a way to either insert or remove this message for incoming calls. It would be the easiest way if this could be accomplished from internal phones (selected extensions).
I thought of setting up an “admin-IVR” for operations like “check status” and “set status”.
External customers calling in should get either a default welcome message or this specific cancellation notification, so in either way I would have a recording playing right from the beginning and only need to change WHICH recording to play.

(TL;DR) So the parts I need to achieve are the following:

  • adding an option variable stored on the system (single binary option)
  • setting (and checking?) this variable from internal (IVR?)
  • playing one of two available recordings based on the value of the variable

What would be the best / recommended way to do something like that?

Thanks in advance!

Does do what you want?

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