Set up Outbound Rules for Int'l and Canade

I want to set outbound rules so all international an canada calls go through a different provider.
How do I do this?

Are you trying to get Canada through one provider, and every other country, including the USA, through another?

canada and us have the same country code so you need to create an outnound route for
and all the area codes in canada
ex: 1514.

1204 Canada Manitoba
1250 Canada British
1306 Canada Saskatchewan
1403 Canada Alberta
1416 Canada Ontario
1418 Canada Quebec
1450 Canada Quebec
1506 Canada New Brunswick
1514 Canada Quebec
1519 Canada Ontario
1600 Canada (All
1604 Canada British
1613 Canada Ontario
1647 Canada Ontario
1705 Canada Ontario
1709 Canada Newfoundland
780 Canada Alberta
1807 Canada Ontario
11819 Canada Quebec
1867 Canada Northwest
1867 Canada Nunavut
1867 Canada Yukon
1902 Canada Nova
1902 Canada Prince
1905 Canada Ontario