Set up LACP

What is the proper way to set up LACP with FreePBX?

Has anyone done this before?

That protocol is more a layer 2 problem/solution, FreePBX/Asterisk doesn’t interact at that level, it is purely L3.

What is your real problem?

No real issue, I had an old IBM x336 that is I have FreePBX installed on, which has two 1gb ports on it, I was just wanting to bond them so if one fails the other picks up without messing with ip addresses, and backup addresses and what not, I will just look into this from the Linux side instead of through FreePBX, the only reason I posted that here in the first place was that I noticed I can create virtual nics from inside the FreePBX gui, so I was wondering if it was possible through that to set this up.

Well I don’t use commercial modules (to which I believe you are referring), and if that solution works then use it, generally I would advise you do your bonding at the linux level, The aggregration of the down line bond however needs to be also correctly done on the up line connected router/switch not the box itself.


could be a good starting point.