Set up hotdesking with Aastra phones

I have a question about ‘hotdesking’:

In our new setup we use Aastra 6757i phones, some with LCD expension modules. There are also a few Yealink T28 phones in the network. The users also want to use iSymphony.
I’ve installed the BETA-1.1005.210.62 distro (because the Stable-1.813.210.58 has a very high cpu load under KVM / Proxmox VM).

We like to start using ‘hotdesking’. This means we walk to a ‘random’ desk and log in to the phone with username and password (default the phone should only show the login screen). The phone should then load al the setting for this user, is possible also the speeddial buttons, phonebook etc. The most Ideal would be that is we pick another phone (lets say at home via our vpn) and log in, the first phone (if still logged in) would log out. If you log out the login screen returns and the phone is free for another employee.

We have some experience the the Aastra XML scripts, but not with the new ‘End Point Configuration’ modules. Some questions:

  • Is there a good ‘howto’ for hotdesking
  • Should I use the ‘End Point Configuration’ module and/or the Aastra XML scripts
  • Should I use ‘deviceanduser’ mode or the ‘extentions’ mode
  • Can I use the ‘End Point Configuration’ module and the Aastra XML scripts together
  • Is it posible to load a template for every user so he has his own buttons / speeddial / phonebook etc

A lot of questions at once. I hope someone can point me in the right direction…