Set up dahdi PRI E1 card for inbound and outbound


we have a PBXact UC 60 with the card PRI E1 that we connected the E1 line from Tigo Senegal.
We don t know how to finalise the set up of the line E1, in particular the service ^provider Tigo is asking us to complete the set up with the point CODE:

Please help us to understand the process and if there is a further configuration needed between the E1 and the PX:


There are only two ranges that should be using ISDN in Senagal

+221 83xxxxx geographic numbers, ISDN numbers
+221 84xxxxx geographic numbers, ISDN numbers

But there is ONLY one way to know about framing,coding and the “flavor” of ISDN your provider provides. So call your provider because it is highly unlikely anyone here had to wade through

as applied in Senagal, Just ask the guy how they talk to Cisco/Mitel/Nortel , don’t let him/her bullshit you . . .

Thank you for your feedback!!!

Our service provider Tigo is pretty unclear about the tech equirements…They installed the line and connected the cable and they told us that the Sangoma A1 card can work with their line.

Then they added us that we need to buy a licence SS7 in order to be able to complete the configuration (using a pont access code).

Do you know anything about the need of an extra SS7 licence for E1? or the configuration using Point Access Code?


Well, they are technically correct in that the Sangoma cards supports SS7, you would need to run their setup appropriately , unfortunately for you I don’t think that FreePBX does have the ability to configure it, you might well need to build your own asterisk with libss7 support and then configure it manually

As you can see, Tigo is not being very helpful as you will need to know all those parameters for your /etc/dahdi/system.conf , on that subject you should delete/uninstall/disable or otherwise disable what the dahdi helper module code might try to do for you.

If you are using Sangoma hardware and as Sangoma owns FreePBX, I would reach out to Sangoma directly for help here.

As to buying a license I believe libss7 is open source, for more info

Thank you for your feedback

The operator Tigo sent us the following configurations info:
MSC6 6242
MGW 6247


We are trying to understand how to input those in sangoma. Do you have any advice?


Not really that pretty well just defines the ss7 routing info and that it should be in channel 16

Thank you for your feedback Dicko !!!

I would like to know in relation to zulu is there any pro or final version on the market?
Also once the dahdi trunk is configured what type of extension can be used ? dahdi extension or sip extension and how to do outbound call test with an E1 card ? Or should we configure extension routing?


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