Set random caller ID

Hi All,

I’m looking for a solution that would eventually be able to set my outbound caller id randomly from a bunch of CID’s that will be contained in some list, and if possible, have those CID’s easily edited in case of a need to change them.

Now it doesn’t have to be a free solution,
In fact I would very much prefer a commercial/3rd party module solution that is supported and maintained.

Thank you!

To my knowledge, there is no pre-packaged solution for this, commercial or otherwise, nor can I imagine there would be any demand for such. This is the type of thing we could do in in commercial support (link above), if you want to pursue that possibility.

The only feasible way to do this would populate a local file on the pbx with a list of CID’s, and have an AGI hook on dialout that picks one.

Hi Igaetz,
My first intention was to write to schmooze and get an effort estimation on such a thing,
But when I’ve tried twice before writing them on different modules that I wanted to be developed and some scripts,
I never got a reply back…

So that’s why I was asking here what are my options.

Now in regards to what you are saying,
My concern is, what will happen upon freepbx upgrades/new versions? I’m worried that at some point I will find my self with an unsupported solution.


I found this while searching for something related:

See example 2…

Of course, you have to make this play nice with FreePBX and it looks like the way to do this would be to use the [macro-dialout-trunk-predial-hook] context.

I doubt you would want your caller ID always rewritten so you would have to add code to specify under which situation you want to have your caller ID rewritten…

Good luck and have a nice day!


PS: There are obviously a few others things to change such as the dial pattern this matches on…

Hi @Itsm:

If you wish to discuss further, please open a support ticket. The answer to what happens on major upgrades will depend a little bit on how elaborate your requirements are.

Itsm: PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE tell me you have a solution. I am getting back at all the IRS scammers with hundreds of calls a day, from random caller ID’s, however my method is very tedious and time consuming. Please do share if you have resolved a simple method. I would love to hear about it and amp-up my efforts to hundreds of calls per minute.

Hi Thomas,
I did come up with a custom solution,
My solution was to extend an exiting outbound route (which was created just for that purpose) manually in the
extentions_override_freepbx.conf file
I’ve added the following:

include => outrt-6
exten => _8X.,1,Macro(user-callerid,LIMIT,EXTERNAL,)
exten => _8X.,1,Noop
exten => _8X.,n,Gosub(sub-record-check,s,1(out,${EXTEN},yes))
exten => _8X.,n,Gosub(Randnum,cell${RAND(1,5)},1)
exten => _8X.,n,Dial(SIP/TRUNKNAME/${EXTEN},30)

exten => cell1,1,Set(CALLERID(num)= DIDNUM);
same => n,Return
exten => cell2,1,Set(CALLERID(num)= DIDNUM);
same => n,Return
exten => cell3,1,Set(CALLERID(num)= DIDNUM);
same => n,Return
exten => cell4,1,Set(CALLERID(num)= DIDNUM);
same => n,Return
exten => cell5,1,Set(CALLERID(num)= DIDNUM);
same => n,Return

Replace ‘Trunk’ with your trunk name
Replace ‘DIDNUM’ with your outgoing numbers
*Edit/Extend as necessary

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.

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Ok, great!!! This is a bit over my head, but I am a quick study (I own a tech company).

Ultimately, I would love to set up a web browser on one of my sites to do an automated calling to a specific scammer phone number with random caller ID’s using a VOIP method. But if I have to use some hardware method I can live with that. I have 10 computers itching to go for doing this, just need some direction (10 computers with 10 browsers = 100 calls every 30 seconds. That would be my goal, and then create/provide documentation for those willing join my crusade. 10 people doing the same as me = 1,000 calls every 30 seconds. That should hit quite hard.). I will PM you shortly. Thanks!

baiting a scammer this way is futile, they are cleverer than you. Anyone at the other end of that phone number is almost certainly a “little old lady from Pasadena”, be aware that these guys are intrinsically NOT TRUTHFUL :slight_smile:

Hi Dicko, thanks for your reply, however my objective does seem to match with your reply. My objective is to hit the scammer back with hundreds of calls per minute. I am already doing this with a not-so-user-friendly method. I literally drive the scammers to insanity. They keep blocking my number but then I change my number (using “RingCentral”. 20 seconds later I’m up and running. This is why it isn’t so user-friendly, since my current method requires my constant attention.

I need a more hands-free method of doing this where I can hit them with calls hundreds of times per minute with random caller ID’s. There is a solution I found using, but it costs .01 per minute, so while this is cheap you can see that a method using SpoofTel will add up costs very quickly. SpoofTel has a developer’s API for PHP and other programming languages. My programmers can whip this up in no time at all. It’s just the recurring costs to overcome.

I am really hoping for a web based solution for calling using many computers and many browsers all VOIP calling without any other hardware components that would need constant tending to. I am an exceptionally busy guy, hence the need for an automated method, but without huge recurring costs, like using SpoofTel.

Good luck , none of those calls come from who you think, as an owner of an owner of tech company you are presumably aware the everything on the internet is “not true” please accept that also as you venture into VOIP.

Itsm: I don’t see a PM option. I think it is because I am a new user? Can you initiate the PM please?

One more thing Dicko. Finding the phone numbers for the scammers is really easy. I use to find them. Once someone posts a phone number of a scammer I hit them hard. Once I bring the scammer to their knees and force them to disconnect their phone number and then create a new one I get that new number again because once the scammers get back to work then people start posting the number on the site above. At that point I kick back into action. I pretty much know the voice of all the main scammers and I recognize them and they recognize me. Once they know that I know THEIR new phone number the let out a string of profanity. Quite comical I might add.

Another source is on Facebook under “IRS Scam”. People post new phone numbers on those facebook pages as well.

That is all BS info , you will never discover the real caller, so everything you try is pointless, but if you are insistant that you know better, then just wait and see your results. (they will be null, zero,a waste of time) , AGAIN , everyone of those numbers are UNREAL, but please continue to knock-yourself out.

Gotta love any Don Quixote, let us know how many windmills you defeat.

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I presume that you’ve taken into account that the ability to spoof a CID number is not limited to a single party.

We don’t know what jurisdiction is being discussed here, but wherever it is I expect it’s illegal and probably felonious.


Sure thing! I will keep you posted.

I have tons of audio recordings of my current successes. One day soon I will make a YouTube video of my recorded past successes. It is funny beyond belief.

Igaetz, the scammers always threaten to report or sue me. I always reply “Go for it, I DARE YOU!” Seriously, how is a scammer going to reciprocate against me? After all they are SCAMMERS!

As a side point, I own the company that makes TV game shows work. Virtually all TV game shows use my technology and software engineers. So, for me to say that I have some… interesting… resources at my immediate disposal, is the understatement of the day.

Due to the nature of this topic and the strong possibility that it is assisting in something that may be illegal (we are not cops lawyers or judges) This thread is closed.

Thanks for keeping the community above board.