Set new passwords for admin login

hi folks

i need a little hint to change my password for pbx. One guy left the company.

thanks for help

I am not a magician, but something in my magic crystal ball tells me that you run some version of FreePBX. Is that correct?


i run FreePBX including Asterisk (Ver.

Well, there are two important passwords, one for root, if you have that, just log in to Linux via ssh and issue command passwd and follow the prompt.

For the password in FreePBX, go to Administrators, click on admin on the left side, change the password, save and reload.

I’ve left things alone in this category because of this message:

NOTE:AUTHTYPE is not set to ‘database’ in /etc/amportal.conf - note that this module is not currently providing access control, and changing passwords here or adding users will have no effect unless AUTHTYPE is set to ‘database’.

When I’ve attempted to make the change it suggests, I can no longer administer my Asterisk installation using FreePBX.

What are the potential things I am missing?

I’m running FreePBX with all modules installed and current as of Feb 16, 2010. Asterisk version is 1.6 (PBX in a Flash), and its running on a CentOS 5.4 32-bit Dell SC440 server.

If you go into Administrators, do you have a user there with ALL SECTIONS selected?