Set LTE tplink router as sip trunk


I am new to freepbx and I am trying to create a new trunk and set outbound routes in my server
I have the freepbx connected to tplink router (Archer MR400) where it is working using a sim card, I know from the topics I read that its not a typical solution but I am doing this for learning :slight_smile: , its a home project

I need to do configuration for the freebpx where it can access this router and do the outbound calls

already watched a lot of viedos about setting up trunks but none helped me, the closest solution was a chan dongle where it was programmed using astrisk cli configuration files and custom trunk creation using the webui, but I don’t have this dongle at the moment

please help if anyone did this before

thanks in advnace!

Looking at their web page I see no indication that mobile voice is supported at all, and the SMS support looks like it might be either an internal web server or even an external web server, I haven’t found any indication that it would present a USB mobile terminal dongle interface.

From what I can tell the only way you could use it for voice would be via a normal ITSP, in which case you should treat it like an ADSL modem/router, and ignore that it is using the mobile network.

That router is ‘data only’, so you can do VOIP over that data link, but it can’t route any ‘telephone number’ that the SIM card might have to SIP.

You should google for “4g sip voip gateway” and cough up some more $'s :slight_smile:

thanks for the response, I have found a voip gsm gateway called GOIP, do you advise me to work with it?
if there is something better that can provide me data, wifi and voip would be glad to know about it

Cisco’s are ‘better’ :wink:

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