Set contact IP address per trunk

very odd question, but I have multiple NICs in my server, and multiple WAN connections / static IPs.

on a PJSIP trunk, I know I can set the Media IP unique to the trunk…

is it possible to specify the External IP on signalling specifically by trunk?

more specifically:
One of my trunks goes out its own WAN IP / connection.
inbound calls on that trunk are failing because the 200-OK of answering the call is responding with a Contact: IP that is Not the right wan IP for my specific trunk.

Approximate answer: use a separate transport for each trunk.

However, there are a lot of subtleties here, so please describe the networking setup (router/firewalls, multiple ISPs or multiple modems/ONTs, multiple NICs for WAN, special static routes, etc.)

one of my trunking providers is… weird.
they terminate a physical network interface into our building, and we have a static IP and dedicated ethernet port purely for that provider.

my SIP externip is my main, however sending That externip on my “special” trunk causes the carrier to not respond to in-dialog sip (>> invite, << 100 trying, <<200 OK… retry 200ok, retry 200ok, retry… kill call.)

If your provider’s address is on the same subnet as the static IP on the dedicated port, just listing that subnet in Local Networks should be sufficient. Otherwise, set up a separate transport for that trunk (with OS-level routing to the provider’s addresses).

If you still have trouble, describe your transport setup and network details (does the dedicated port involve NAT, is the media address the same as the provider’s SIP server, etc.)

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