Set CID unable to change/add a custom name

Hello Team, first of all thx for any help you can provide.

I am using FreePBX

My current setup is PSTN> Grandstream HT813>free pbx>softphones

What I am trying to do is to add my company name to any incoming calls from the PSTN reaching my softphones.

On my Inbound route I tried the CID name prefix set to my company name: Himax (never got it)

So I tried the Set CID application:
I can modify the CID number so I can add XXXX-XXXX - Himax and it will show as CID number and CID Name.
But if I leave the number untouched and just replace the CallerID Name to Himax, noting happens I never get that name.

Basically I need to be able to identify the calls coming from the PBX to the softphones not just the classic [email protected]

I do see these 2 lines happening when I get the calls:

Executing [[email protected]:43] Set(“SIP/pstn-000003e5”, “CALLERID(number)=60590794-HIMAX”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:44] Set(“SIP/pstn-000003e5”, “CALLERID(name)=Himax”) in new stack

But like I said on my softphones (android) I only get the Number CID not the Name.



To add to my previous post I have been doing some extra testing and I can confirm that the Set CID name es “working”.

I connected a regular phone to my Grandstream ATA FXS port and configured that as an extension. when I call my outside line (PSTN) and select that extension from my IVR I do see the Name: HIMAX (from setCID) and the number correctly on that phone.
But if I register linphone or zoiper or even my Android native SIP client and call the same extension I get my phone number in both the Name and the Number.

Any ideas what am I missing on the softphones?



confirm that you are strictly using

"name" <number>

where name is ascii <= 15 characters and number is only 0-9 , also <= 15 digits

Hello Dicko

Thank you for your response

I can confirm that I am using those settings in Name no variables just plain: Himax and number is the default variable: ${CALLERID(num)}

CallerID Name
CallerID Number

No matter how I put it I never get the name on the softphones, just on the old cordless phone connected to my FXS on the ATA.

And on the log lines indeed I see the setCID taking place, the only time I see the name changing on the softphones is when I modify the caller ID number but that doesn’t work for me.

I have been reading and some posts say it is because my carrier does not send anything on the name field and the ATA and Asterisk receives NULL in that field and for some reason it doesn’t work when setCID sets the name manually, one post I read said that if you run asterik as root would work… but not sure.

I suggest you break out sngrep and filter out all but ‘invites’

Hello Dicko.

I did as you suggested, and I only get an Options and an Invite:

I don’t really know how to read the results, but on the from, field I get one with the number [email protected] and on the options I get: [email protected]

and on the p-asserted identity: P-Asserted-Identity: “60590794” sip:[email protected]

This extension should be receiving “Himax” instead of 60590794



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