Set callerID name before call enters queue

Hello all!

Please bear with me, as I’m a newb to both Asterisk and FreePBX, and am learning all of this from scratch.

I’ve been tasked with migrating an Asterisk 1.0.x install to the latest Asterisk/FreePBX solution. It’s been a great learning experience so far and a very tedious one at that.

I’m looking for the least convoluted way to set a caller ID to certain call before sending it to a queue. The way we currently have it set up is as follows:

A call enters the IVR. When pressing 3, the call is sent to a context that ONLY set’s the CID Name, then sends the call to a specific queue.

Being that this was setup with an old install, I’m assuming there’s a much easier way to accomplish the above without creating a whole new context.

There is a second example in which almost the exact same thing happens EXCEPT the call sent to an extension rather than a separate context, and the call is also given a queue priority:

A call enters the IVR. When pressing 2, the call is sent to an extension which (1) sets CIDName, (2) sets queue priority, then (3) forwards the call onto a specific queue.

Is there an easier way to accomplish the two above scenarios without defining a separate context and/or extension? I’d basically like to apply a CID Name to a call before it is put into a queue. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Try the Set CallerID module.

I believe I’ve found the answer to my question. The follow-me functionality appears to be able to handle what I’m trying to do. I’ll do some more digging and attempt to set it up on my own to confirm.