Set CallerID issues on freepbx 15

Running an old freepbx 2.11 and use set callerid to modify the id for different countries.

For example when someone calls my german number the prefix +49 is not added so when the call forwards to my mobile the caller id on the mobile just shows a local number.

In order to fix this I used this syntax: ${IF( $[ ${CALLERID(num):0:2} : “00” ] ? “+${CALLERID(num):2}” :${IF( $[ ${CALLERID(num):0:2} : “0[1-9]” ] ? “+49${CALLERID(num):1}” :"${CALLERID(num)

If a german number calls my german line +49 is added to the caller id.
If say a austria numnber +43 calls the +49 number typically +43 is allready added to the caller id.

When I add above freepbx 2.11 set callerid systax in Freepbx 15 this doens’t seem to work.
I can add it but when pressing submit and go back only this shows up: ${IF( $[ ${CALLERID(num):0:2} :
the rest is not saved.

Is the set callerid syntax different in freepbx 15 ? or am i doing something wrong ?


You may want to file a feature request.

In the meantime, you can set it in extensions_custom.conf along with a custom destination, so you can make use of the Return feature

Looks indeed like the syntax is different in freepbx 15 than in the old 2.11
Will stay with 2.11 untill this is resolved somehow as I need the id’s to change.

Am also unable to find a detailed syntax list for the freepbx 15 version of set callerid.

for example I am using IF, don’t know if freepbx 15 supports this.

I think this is just a GUI issue. I noticed in a few places in 14 (and 15) where I could no longer use variables/dialplan when once it was possible (in earlier versions). I also recommend submitting a feature request. They may never “fix” it without one.

Based on how quickly they make feature changes (backlog and competing priorities), you might be waiting “forever”, missing new functionality and security patches. Another option, might be to add your dialplan IF statements to a custom context. Have a look at this:

You could even lift the working code from 2.11, build a custom context in 15, then point the inbound route to the custom context to achieve the result you are looking for.

you might want to post a more complete version of your dialplan, what you posted is syntactically incorrect simply by counting the paired braces.
Perhaps break it down into smaller bites?

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