Set CallerID from web app

Hello all,
freepbx noob here, trying to find a way to set an extension CLI from a web app or even with a cli command, or even through the UCP.
Is this something that an API would do?
Any help is more than welcome.
Thank you.

Caller ID Setting is usually a management function, in that you shouldn’t have users setting their own CID.

Setting the CID for an extension is most easily done through the Extension settings in the FreePBX GUI.

There are a few wrinkles in CID processing that you need to know about:

  1. Every level of processing (provider, trunk, outbound route, extension, device) has the potential to set the CID.
  2. Every level of processing (see above) has the potential to override the lower level settings.
  3. Your provider is the final authority. It’s not unusual for the provider to override your settings at all the lower levels without telling you, or block your calls if you try to use an improper setting.

And assuming that SHAKEN/STIR finally gets some kind of required implmentation, things will get better.

Some pay as you go providers already make you verify a number via call back before allowing you to use it as an outbound CID.

We have agents who wear many hats so have a requirement to set their outbound caller ID for each call depending on what brand they are calling on behalf of.

I achieve this use an Outbound route with Route CID and Override Extension CID set. Agents dial a prefix to the number they are calling which routes their call through correct outbound route then out to our telephone provider with the required CID.

The disadvantage to this is that the CIDs must be pre-configured by the sysadmin and the agents need to remember the prefix for each CID.

If you want to take another approach and set the outbound CID per extension via an app or script or something then you could maybe modify the following SQL column: asterisk > users > outboundcid
followed by fwconsole reload. This is not recommended and the recommended method is probably via the RestAPI interface.


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