Set an ata to dial without pressing send

I have an ATA that allows an analog fax to connect. The fax is receiving fine but I cannot make outbound calls anymore. Just get dead air. This has been working forever without a hitch.

to confirm I connect an old analog phone to the ATA, I can recieve calls no problem. Can’t dial out or to another extension in the office.


iiuc you can dial out but are forced to press the # key in order to do so …

id check the dial plan for the specific model ata

it should either timeout and dial or send on match pattern

@dolesec no, even if I press # after the number it’s just dead air.

Keep in mind this was working at this site for over a year and have a few other sites setup the same.

What, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log when you make a call?

If nothing, the ATA is misconfigured or has failed. It likely has a syslog feature that can help you see what is going wrong.

nothing appears in the log but then nothing appears in the log for any phone until you press dial…

If you dial off hook (on a SIP phone) and have the dialplan for the phone set correctly, you should not need to do anything other than key in the number, and possibly wait a few seconds. The ATA should behave like off hook dialling a SIP phone.

FreePBX/Asterisk i not involved until you do the action that causes the send.

Ok, are we talking about dial patterns like on the outbound routes?

The PBX is rejecting the unknown sip connection from the ATA. If I set Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls to yes in Settings > Asterisk Sip settings the calls start completing.

The ATA is registered to the PBX, why is it being seen as unknown?

No. We are talking about the device dialplan, which tells it how long various numbers are. As I already said, FreePBX has no involvement n the call at this stage.

You don’t seem to have identified the ATA or SIP phones you are using, so I can’t point you to the right part of their documentation, always assuming it is available, free, online.

David, it’s a yeastar ATA100. By turning on allow anonymous I can now call internal extensions by simply picking up the phone and dialing. External numbers however are still not going out.

Deleted the extension, then re-created it as a Chan-SIP instead of PJSIP and it works again.

Also works with Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls set to no.

That doesn’t sound like it is send code dependant. We’d need logs to understand. You need to persist with chan_pjsip, as chan_sip is unsupported and will soon go away. I suspect setting From User, in Figure 5-1, in the below reference, to the FreePBX extension, will solve your chan_psjip problem.

However, for the dialplans I was talking about, see page 18/52 of assuming you meant TA100.

They don’t seem to have a send on digit timeout capability, so you will need to know all the number lengths, and would have problems for German numbers, where the DID part of PSTN numbers is in addition to the PSTN (in the UK, it is stolen from the end of the PSTN number.

Fortunately they will only be calling local US numbers. I’m aware I need to be on PJSIP at this point but I had to get their faxing back up. I’ll take a look at the From User setting, that makes sense.

For the device dialplan I simply have a “.” to allow any number.

That’s why you have to use #. “.” allows an indefinitely long number, so, given there is no digit timeout, there is no way for the ATA to know that the number is complete other than an explicit end code. The pattern has to be of a definite length or end in ! (I’m not sure ! is treated exactly like in Asterisk, so I’m a little uncertain how it is handled). You are allowed multiple patterns, so you cover local extensions and numbers without the carrier and national area codes (although I gather they may be being, or have been, phased out. You also need a pattern for 911

With no digit timeout, you are probably best with a prefix digit for outside lines (traditionally this was 9 in the UK. Alternatively, you can insist on full national numbers, with carrier prefix, which I believe means that normal external numbers will start with 0.

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