Session Expiration?

My users have been getting call drops at 25 - 30 minutes. In my logs I see

[2013-11-07 09:25:08] WARNING[13264] chan_sip.c: Session-Timer expired - [email protected]_SERVER:5060

Is there a value I can change to fix this? If not, where might this issue be occurring? What information should I gather to fix this?

What version of FreePBX and Asterisk are you using? What types of trunks are you using… from whom?

Asterisk 11.5.1
SIP trunks from SenaWave

any ideas?


Try editing sip_general_custom.conf and add session-expires, set to a reasonable length of time, expressed in seconds. The default is 1800, i.e:


so try setting to 3600 for an hour, or whatever you are comfortable with.

thank you.

when editing these configs, will i need to reboot my system afterwards?

You will not need to reboot but you will need to restart Asterisk.

From a shell do “amportal restart” or do it from the GUI.

You should also be able to add the lines dpeloquin listed directly into the SETTINGS>Asterisk SIP Settings module section.

I assume this is only happening while you calling out through your SenaWave trunks, they are likely asking for a session-expire and not getting a response back, hopefully this setting will fix that for you.

If it continues to be an issue you can always look into purchase some support credit, and have our techs take a closer look at your logs to try to narrow down the issue.