Server-side DND Polycom SoundPoint IP


Been reading in the Polycom forums about this, and whoah what a mess it seems to be.

I found one post, that seems to have a solution including recompiling chan_cip.c which tbh, is a bit of a pain for ongoing support.

Then, there are forum posts for Polycom mods that state something along the lines that this had been fixed up in UCS4.0.X, then other posts where it doesn’t work. Then there are posts about server-side DND doco being under an NDA, as I feel it was something special they did for Broadsoft, and perhaps Broadsoft have a policy of NDA’ing things (i don’t know!).

Kind of throwing my hands in the air on this one. I know these handsets are moderately popular, and wondering who has had luck with REAL server-side DND (Real = not a BLF key but using the built-in DND toggle).

Also willing to hear war stories about server-side CF as that config seems to be very similar.

The UCS 4.0.5 Admin Guide lists commands to enable server feature control, but nothing documented about where or how to set a feature code when server feature control is enabled. This part of the no documentation is where NDA’s start being dropped and people go awfully silent. Support won’t support anything that isn’t officially documented, and then drop the NDA and refuse to talk.

What a mess … so glad we’re getting rid of these Polycoms shortly…

Edit: this is on a FPBX2.11 box.

I’ve given up on this one. I guess it might work but there was too much involved to keep progressing.

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