Server move to new hardware

I am trying to install and configure a new server (physical machine) to replace my current machine. I have most everything configured and want to test the new machine but I cannot change the IP address of the new server to be what the old server is. (We want to use the same IP so we don’t have to change firewalls and stuff).

When I go into Admin, System Admin it tells me I need to activate the system. However we are still currently using the old system so i don’t want to deactivate that one to activate this one until I am certain this one is ready.

I have tried changing the IP address with ifconfig on the server itself but that doesn’t seem to work and rebooting makes it revert to the other IP address.

How can i test this new machine and make sure things are working before moving my licenses and stuff over? I am afraid that if I move things and something isn’t working that I will not have any phone system until I can figure things out. Obviously this is not something I want to happen.

If any more info is needed let me know.
Thank You

There is no way to test your paid modules without buying them again.

The only documented path for this is to move your existing deployment ID after unlocking it from the live system.

Now if you simply want to activate the system in order to use the free verison of SysAdmin for testing, well, simply activate it as a new deployment. You can remove that deployment later.

Ok I think the activating it as a new deployment is what I need. I just want to test that what I have setup so far is working. Once I know that I have most things working. Especially connectivity and external phones connecting to the new system then I will transfer licenses and configure any of my paid modules.

I will try this this weekend if I can.

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