Server migration - not everything from old system

So i’m hoping someone might know of a way of migrating specific portions of one server to a new server. I am moving from one large PBX installation to smaller individual installations.

I know I could use backup/restore functionality but it copies everything and I don’t want to do that as there could be too much to sift through and remove.
Bulk handler can only do so much for me as there is still lots left to recreate likely manually such as
Re-importing recordings
Queue configurations
Ring groups
misc destinations
time conditions
calendars for time conditions…
you get it…lots of stuff.

Just looking for ideas to make this somewhat more sane as I will have to repeat this several times as I need to build several PBX’s that have all these things configured and more :face_exhaling:

Thanks folks! :heart:

I only see two options: 1) Restore a full FreePBX backup and delete extensions and other stuff you don’t want or 2) Use bulk export/import and manually recreate the other stuff you need that isn’t included. With the Bulk export, you can at least edit the spreadsheet and delete items you don’t need on the new system.

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