Server line-up help

In our intrest is to run a gsm-voip server in Finland that can be operated over internet to make phone calls from other parts of the world to local finish numbers. We have chosen a Gsm-terminal / VoIP-gateway from SKYLINE supporting 8 gsm ports.

The manufactorer promises a support to softwares such as: VOS, VPS, VoIP switch, 3CX, P·B·Xes, free PBX & MOR. Our natural choise is freePBX.

FreePBX Distro seems to be an easy way to get forward but before makeing big investments on the server components it would be greatly appriciated to get some feedback on the component suggestons. System is only used to make outbound calls and recording is seen as an possibilty in the future at which time additional harddrives will be installed.

A future possibility to upgrade the gsm-channels from 8 ports to 32 or 64 ports are looked forward to but it cant happen on the cost of voice quality. The system is build for long-term usage.

Processor: Intel core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge
Motherboard: Asus p8z77-V
RAM: 32 gb (4 x 8 gb) of 1600 DDR3
Harddrive: 120 gb SSD Kingston

How easy is it to install CentOS on this setup? How big role do the internet connection play to voice quality? Is an upload of 5 Mbits enough for routing 8 simultaneous gsm calls? With long ping times on the other side of the world will it affect to quality of the calls? What about the processor speed to encode 8 simultaneous gsm calls with high quality? Is it enough to encode 64 simoultaneous gsm calls? Any suggestions on other parts needed to make the system run as smooth as possible? With what softwares is it possible to connect to freePBX-servers in order to make the actual outboundcalls?

A massive thanks in advance.

Trully yours,

As ever a on this very page is a link to

A quick google search would have further provided:-

amongst other answers. There is also a search box on this page, did you try any of the above yet? :wink:

Only the search box with key word skyline but it did not turn any results…

Thank you for the links

Try expanding your searches, perhaps “gateway”. Anything from alibaba might well disappear next week, you might want to choose a more mainline device with a better pedigree for “long-term usage” :slight_smile: