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Been a coons age since I’ve done actual hardware based install. Got someone who’s trying to install FreePBX v15 ISO on a Super Micro 5018A-FTN4 1U Rack Server - Atom C2758 and the process starts but they are getting:

I remember anaconda puking when trying to a system like a NUC but he’s used Super Micro’s in the past and hasn’t had an issue. First time doing the v15 ISO though.

Any thoughts or pointers?

(Itzik) #2

How are you trying to install it?

The last time I installed FreePBX (v13 SNG6) on supermicro was in 2016, back then I remember we had trouble figuring out the right hard drives, motherboard etc.

The easiest way to install it, was logging into IPMI, attaching the ISO and then booting.

I don’t remember the exact details, but I think it was that.

(Tom Ray) #3

It’s being install via the ISO copied onto a USB drive. Everything boots fine but the issue starts one anaconda gets going. Like I said the only time I’ve seen that is with the NUCs in the past.

Everything came with the server from Server Micro except the HDD and RAM. That was post-warehouse. Could try changing the HDD.

(Dave Burgess) #4

Thinking back - there’s a setting on the boot-up that allows you to manually choose the hard drive. Seems to me anaconda has problems finding certain kinds of hard drives (it thinks they’re removable).

(Tom Ray) #5

So not sure what the issue is with the v15 distro ISO but replaced the drives with actual SSD (wrong ones were shipped) and still had the same issue. Had no issues loading CentOS 7.8 on it.

Grabbed the v14 distro ISO and everything installed without issue. I’ll just update the system from there.

(Tom Ray) #6

OK I spoke too soon. I was told it installed fine but what they really meant was that the previous errors went away. Now when they get to the screen for formatting/partitioning nothing is accepted. Keeps saying it can’t save the partitioning config and can’t find the drive.

This has two 120GB SSD drives, tried with both drives, each drive individually and it will not accept the options to set partitions itself. As I said in the last post, can install CentOS 7.8 no issues but the FreePBX ISO just wont install properly.

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