Server goes offline


I have a freepbx box that keeps dropping out every few days. It just pukes and I can’t get to it anymore and it stops handling calls. Can someone point me in the direction I need to read a log file or anything else to look at? Hopefully this can be done in the GUI remotely cuz I don’t have access to this machine.

I have two of these boxes and they are identical hardware and identical setup. The other one never burps.

Post Mortem, there might be something in /var/log/messages but my gut says you have bad memory or perhaps a bad motherboard. I tried “man puke” but there was no entry, please try to be less colloquial and more explicit.

First diagnostib, install and run memtest86 before you go further.

Also you should not have the GUI exposed to Internet for remote access unless you intend to offer free calling to anyone that finds your machine.

You can use SSH to log into system. We suggest changing the ssh port to something other than default. It is relatively safe to leave it exposed. Once you connect via SSH you will have a remote shell you can check logs and manage system. If you need access to GUI or any phones on a connected network to the phone server you can use putty (a remote SSH client on your PC) as a secure proxy with your web browser.