Serious noob willing to PAY/DONATE! for a little help setting up my system!

I currently have a trixbox brand new setup with freepbx that i got off ebay. It’s running great the problem i have is installing the nec dterm ip itr-4d phones they are super basic 4 line phone with a basic programming menu. I’m unsure as to how to get the to connect to the trixbox . I program in the extension into freepbx, (using sip) I program the phone with a manual ip of and tell it the gateway of my router which is and the dns is also but it’s asking for drs which is dterm registration service. I read on other forums that it’s irrelevant because the phone can do multiple protocols. Under the type of service tab i have drs, protims,rtp, and voice control.

Current settings on the phone are as follows:

dtermip mode : normal
download address:
area: automatic
port: drs mate port 3456 drs self port 3455 portims port 3458 rtp self port 3462 voice control pot 4000 and h245 self port any port

basic settings

dhcp enabled
drs primary:
backup-drs address
ip address :
default gateway:
subnet mask
dns: dns address dns name (blank)
vlan : mode disabled, id 7
vlan priority 5

i’m desperate for help as i have spent 4 hundred dollars on these phones already and powersupply’s also another 1000 on the trixbox

i’m running trixbox ce 2.4
with freepbx 2.2.1

I’ve read on some forums that you have to update the firmware of the phone to a sip firmware but on other sites this is untrue so i’m very confused as no one seems to have help connecting this phone to my trixbox. I’m getting drs connect time out.

I’m pretty sure that your Nec Phones are proprietary to NEC systems and will not work with trixbox or asterisk in general. Did someone recommend these phones to you or did you just make the decision to buy them.

As far as trixbox ce 2.4. If you are running a ce 2.4 you are running on beta software that is not recommended for a production system yet.

Can you please post the ebay link were you purchased your system.


yes the phones were recommended from the seller i got them from. They came without powersupplies too so I had to fork out several hundred dollars for power supplies for them as the powered switch was about 1100 bucks and thought that was too expensive for a small office. I had some problems with the sellers on ebay. The seller who sold me the trixbox told me he was certified but won’t respond to my messages and now i’m stuck with over a 1000 bucks of junk.
The link to the ebay page is:

120181247008 (item number just type it in the search field) if this link doesn’t work

and i’m sorry to miss lead you on the version of ce it is 2.2 not 2.4 I guess i looked at the wrong version number.

You got screwed on that deal, those phones will not work with asterisk. We sell trixbox systems at our ebay store and we are certified by fonality/trixbox. I would request a refund for your purchase. I can be reached at [email protected] if we can help you in any way. They also sell system here at freepbx.

I guess i’ll file a claim and try to get my money back for the phones. This is so terrible. I talked to a rep at nec and he told me the phones can be flashed with the sip firmware is there a chance i could still salvage this as the rep couldn’t give me anymore info without shelling out 1400 dollars for a business support contract for one year.

It’s hard to believe (although not impossible) that they would ship non-sip phones. If they are SIP already they should work even if they don’t have the most recent firmware. Maybe they just need to be configured?

I don’t see anywhere in your post what the IP address of the Asterisk server is. One of those IP settings (different vendors use different terms) needs to point to the box. Then you need a unique extension number and numeric password for each phone. Let your router assign the phone’s IP info and see what comes up missing. Then try entering your server’s IP address.

I have just been working on the same setup (my company is signing a contract to go VoIP and I have to validate the network design) and the other company supplied 5 phone for testing.

The big item is the DRS setting which appears to be the NEC control for the connection and handles authencation. The DRS is the NEC PBX (special card or software).

I will post any info I find out about this but yes I have found some comments about a SIP version of the phones.

I hope to talk to the NEC rep regarding the config and how I have to work around the problem.