SERIOUS bugs in FreePBX Backup & Restore Module

We found (2) SERIOUS bugs in the FreePBX Backup & Restore Module (15.0.20) and downgrading to 15.0.18 didn’t solve the problems:

  1. While the module Backup & Restore (under the option “module”) allows you to select the backup of the “Queue” module - it does NOT fully work. The backup does NOT backup all the Queue settings. In particular it misses the settings found under “Caller Announcements” / “Periodic Announcements”/ “IVR Break Out Menu” and MAYBE OTHERS. Without testing each field I’m concerned what else might not be getting backed up.

  2. The Backup & Restore module doesn’t backup the “Outbound Routes” module at all. Yikes - in case of a disaster this would be a horrible surprise.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we are now left with doing a lot of manual work in order to get a reliable backup for disaster recovery.

Open a ticket at with all the details.

For the queues module please fill out the issue. Re the outbound routes, it does restore them. Maybe you have had an error during the restore?


Sorry, I should have been more clear as to the bug associated to the module Backup & Restore, where the “queue” module does not fully work:

  1. Create two identical systems
  2. On system A make a change in Applications/ Queues/Caller Announcements/ Periodic Announcements/ IVR Break Out Menu
  3. Run the backup on system A
  4. Then do a restore to system B
  5. You will see that your change in step #2 above is NOT restored to system B

If you look at the backup log that is created the problem is clear:

  1. During the process the configuration files are backed up correctly and then there are instruction files created for backing up each of the modules using the backed up files called .json files.
  2. It looks like the instructions in the queue module .json file are incomplete.
  3. The .json file instructions created by the backup stops short of restoring the last three parameters from the .conf file.
  4. See the attached image, parts of the backup are being missed.

Does that help?

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This isnt going to be resolved here. You need to put in a ticket (as previously told) with all this information.


Already did that.

I thought others in the community would benefit from knowing the Backup module wasn’t doing a “full” backup. Otherwise they learn only after a disaster.

Just for clarification the backup module does not look at conf files or restore asterisk conf files. It backs up database fields and restores database fields.

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Also note every module is responsible for its own data so bugs should be filed against the module in question

Hi Jeff!

I’m not seeing a bug ticket for this, did you file a support ticket?

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