Serial Images and some bugs (APU2C4)

Firstable thanks for the great open source project.
It has been 2 days I was struggling to install FreePBX on a PCENGINES APU2C4 thorough serial interface.
Whatever I did, it did not work but than I came across the following serial images on the alternate downloads page

Although basic installation works with these images, advanced installation kickstarter files are not properly configured.
Following changes are needed to make it work:
Inside kickstart-advanced-asterisk13.cfg
(remove anything about VGA) and add the following
bootloader --location=mbr

This should make it possible for the advanced installation to work.
The best way to make the installation is on a APU2C4 is to burn the image on a USB drive and make the neccesary modifications before installation. Than choose your mSATA SSD drive to install on it.

So I think the related kickstarter files needs to be fixed and a new serial-images has to be put on the website.

Did you also report this in the “Issues” area?

I don’t know if the software you were referencing is supported or not, but if it is, putting in a support ticket is the best way to make sure your issues are looked after. Here, they may or may not be turned into actions by the developers…

Ok will report it in the issues area too.

Sorry that serial ISO is for our Appliances only when someone needs to recover them and they do not support advanced installs as they are setup for our Appliances and why they are not listed on our download sites.

Are there anything else different between the standard USB IMG and Serial IMG s apart from the serial output at the installation that I should be aware of ?

Just some defaults we set for our appliances.