Separating Voice / Data Traffic

Hi all,

I am in need of some help on a project that has gone awry.

We installed a freePBX system at a customer’s location. They wanted to keep their current ISP, which provided us with the SIP trunking. This particular ISP has all of their SIP trunks on a private network. That private network only accepts (if you will) voice traffic. That means that we cannot update / patch / manage the freePBX system for the most part. We need a data connection.

We have 2 NICs installed, but we are having trouble separating out the voice traffic from the data traffic on the freePBX side. The trunking provider said that they have other clients who use freePBX. We were on a call with Sangoma for about 4-5 hours and Sangoma said it isn’t possible to do this.

Anyone have any suggestions? I can provide more information if needed.

If the private network (as seen by the PBX) is just a link to an ISP-provided SBC (no routing visible to the PBX), it should just work. In Asterisk SIP Settings, set Local Networks to include both NICs, with the default gateway going out the ‘internet’ NIC. External Address should of course be the public IPv4 address on the internet side.

If the private network involves routing but no NAT, just add the ‘remote’ private network(s) to Local Networks.

If the private network involves NAT and/or public addresses that need to be accessed by the private NIC, please provide a detailed description.

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