Sent to system voicemail when transfer tries to reach busy cell phone

For a special situation I like to transfer an incoming call directly to a cell phone. If there’s a no answer after 15 seconds, the call will be directed to the system voicemail.
But if the cell phone is busy, the call will be transferred to the voicemail of the cell phone.
Is there a way to detect the busy state of the cell phone and redirect the call to the system voicemail?

Piet Smit

I don’t think you can get there from here, unless the cell phone is routing its calls through the PBX.


The only thing I can think of is a ring group with only that cell phone in it, Confirm Calls set to
on and Destination if no answer set to voice mail…

Setting Confirm Calls to on will force the cell phone user to press 1 to take the call, something the cell phone voice mail won’t be able to do…

If setting Confirm Calls to on is unacceptable I suggest setting a ring group ring time to less time than the time the cell phone takes to transfer to voice mail… The danger with doing it that way might be that under some situation the transfer to voice mail might take less time than at other times so the caller will hear the cell phone voice mail…

The ring group could be set as follow-me of a regular extension if that cell phone user also has a regular extension at work…

Good luck and have a nice day!


and to make it more complicated, if the cell phone has call waiting turned off, any call to it will go straight to the cell phone voicemail

Which makes the Confirm Calls solution more reliable…

Maybe a little bit more annoying (though personally I would be willing to live with this) but way more reliable…

Have a nice day!


i find always putting the voicemail in the system better. i get an email with the vm attached that has all the info i need to call back if i want to.

Isn’t that what the OP wants and what the ring group with Confirm Calls set to on solution I suggested will achieve?

I only offered the other solution in case the Confirm Calls one would be considered unacceptable…


There are lots of places where the cell phone will instantly send the call to voicemail, so anything that relies on timing is going to be unsatisfactory.

The Confirm Calls thing is one solution that I hadn’t thought of. If the OP is good with that, then I can’t really think 9of another way to do that.