Sending voicemail emails with POSTFIX

Using FreePBX 12.0.69

I wanted to buy the “Pro System Admin” just to configure email but never could go through the BUY process.

So I ended up following these instructions:

At the end I used “sendmail” to test and it worked… I got a test email.

But even though everything is set up to send emails in the “extensions” the mails are not getting sent.

Any idea why?

postqueue -p will show you what you have queued.

look at your /var/log/mail log files

More than likely your upstream is either reject due to SPAM protection. Did you configure an SMTP forwarder in your postfix.conf file?

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Thanks for your reply.

When I was using SENDMAIL to test, I was checking the /var/log/maillog files and it was getting rejected because the sender’s email didn’t exist.

So I set it to rewrite the domain for all addresses from the local pbx, with /etc/postfix/generic, for @freepbx.localdomain

Then my test message with SENDMAIL would work.

However when I made the test to leave a voicemail, the message wouldn’t go through and nothing would appear in the logs.

So can anyone help me find out what’s wrong ?

send back the last parts of the output from this command , if any:

grep error /var/log/maillog

Goddamn it I found out what was wrong…

For some reason I didn’t anything see in maillog, nor in the queue.

But I checked again and noticed that FreePBX uses [email protected] to send mail

This email didn’t exist (the part before the @)

So I didn’t want to fiddle around and I just added an alias on my email hosting "[email protected] => [email protected]" and now it works.

Thanks all for your replies.