Sending outbound CID + CallerID to the phone screen

I have 2 trunks and have a problem with callerID that displays on the destination trunk phone screen.
For example: Extension 100 on Trunk A with prefix 320 wants to call to extension 200 on trunk B with prefix 321. My dial plan is 320|[XXX], the extension 100 dial 321200, so 321 is removed and the rest be sent to the destination. The problem is the callerID shown on the destination phone screen. It is 100. I want callerID shows 320100. In this way, the destination knows what trunk sent a call.
Please help.
Thank you

Excuse me, The correct dial plan for Trunk A is 321|[XXX].


This question was just answered in a current thread. Also quite yelling (all caps) nobody want that.

Hello again.
I didn’t yell, I just asked twice because nobody helped me.
there are about 1500 post in this thread, show me the post please.

All caps and exclamation points is yelling.

You didn’t provide any information on your system in your post and you only waited 24 hours on a Sunday for a response.

You can search as well as I can. Take a look at the caller ID module. Make it the destination of your inbound route.

OK Thanks.