Sending notification mail with callers number (for manual callback requests)


with Freepbx is it basically possible to realize a (manual) callback service ?

My idea was that when the caller is pressing a specific key if he is within an IVR (for example “please press 1 if you want to get a manual callback by our agent when he is ready later”) and asterisk/freepbx should then send out an email with the callers number.

I thought of (as a workaround) creating a seperate voicemail extension for such a sort of callback where nothing will be recorded to the mailbox but when the voicemail notification email gets delivered the callers number will be in it and a clearly visible hint that he wants a callback.

I need to easily seperate between those sort of notification mails and normal voicemail notifications.

But i could not find a way to configure the mail body as of per-voicemail account.
But this was just my first idea - maybe there are better ways to realize it.

Btw: The callback module of Freepbx isn`t for my case cause I want my agents to call back (dial) the caller manually later when they have time by getting only his number by mail.

Thank you !

I’d set up a feature (Misc-Dest maybe?) as a custom context. Pull the information and send out a “special” email. I’d use the mail stuff from the voicemail context as a start.

Hi Dave,

yep that sounds very nice as solution.

I`ve found that portion of context for using it as custom dest for example:

exten => s,1,NoOp(Entering user defined context  [send-email] in extensions_custom.conf)
exten => s,n,System(echo 'Call from ${CALLERID(name)} at  ${CALLERID(number)}' | mail -s 'SUBJECT' '[email protected]')
exten => s,n,hangup()

In my system I have configured an external smtp host for sending mails through the SysAdmin pro module.
Does the “mail” command above use that config or do I have to specify it again via param ?

Thank you !

I’d think that should work. Now all you have to do is connect your IVR (for example) to the custom context and you should be on your way.


yep did it :smiley:

Used custom destinations and announcments and IVR for that, great. Thank you !

By altering the final line from hangup to:

exten => s,n,Return()

You can return back to the GUI call flow and send the caller to an Announcement after the Custom Dest to inform them they will be called back.

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