Sending inbound call to ISDN trunk doesn't work

Hi all!!

I’ve tried to crate an inbound route that send all inbound calls to an ISDN trunk configured in NT mode (there is an old pbx system conected on it)

The problem is that this freepbx functionality doesn’t work. I’ve crated a custom context for sending all inboun trafic to dahdi/g1 for getting working, and it works, but i can’t use any function like time condition.

Does anyone get it working ever??


It works fine, BRI and PRI. You told us nothing we can do to help you.

FreePBX version, OS version, DAHDI version, card type, what king of ISDN line, THe custom trunk you built, your DAHDI configs that did not work etc.


I have FreePBX installed in my HP proliant server, with dahdi 5.0.1 and Asterisk

This is my configuration for an ISDN line configured in ptmp mode:

; Span 1: B4/0/1 “B4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 1” (MASTER) AMI/CCS RED
context = from-pstn
switchtype = euroisdn
signalling = bri_cpe_ptmp
channel => 1-2
context = default
;group = 63

; Span 2: B4/0/2 “B4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 2” AMI/CCS RED
; Boca en modo NT
context = from-internal
switchtype = euroisdn
signalling = bri_net_ptmp
channel => 4-5
context = default
;group = 63

This is what I get when I make a dahdi show channels:

localhost*CLI> dahdi show channels
Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State
pseudo default default In Service
1 from-pstn es default In Service
2 from-pstn es default In Service
4 from-internal es default In Service
5 from-internal es default In Service

If I make a call through the NT mode ISDN I got:
– Span 2: Channel 0/1 got hangup, cause 18

…and if I try to make a call I from an extension I get this:

– Executing [[email protected]:21] NoOp(“SIP/300-00000001”, “Dial failed for some reason with DIALSTATUS = CHANUNAVAIL and HANGUPCAUSE = 18”) in new stack

Any Idea?