Sending fax to list of numbers automatically

hi all ,
im asking if freepbx can suport sending by hylafax sending a fax to a list of numbers ??

i found elastix is weak and dont support that !

can freepbx support that ?
wish to help…

Hylafax is not part of FreePBX, but if you have hylafax working with either or both of iaxmodem’s or t38modems, then yes hylafax can with several “hylafax print drivers” , if you want a GUI frontend, I suggest you look into AvantFAX it has all that and more.

appreciate ur help
thnkx alot

thank u very much ,
i Googled alot but no luck , can u guide me with some references to download avant fax @ freepbx?

FreePBX is a program like AvantFax.

Are you talking about the FreePBX Distro? If you are you should post the question in the correct forum.

You could start with

but if your google skills are that limited perhaps you are not quite ready for advanced stuff yet.