Sending fax fail


I hope that anywone can help me.

every time that i try to send a fax ( pdf ) fax pro module send a mail where it tell me that says " Invalid ECM response received from receiver ".

I think that the problem is caused because i try to send a virtual fax to a physical fax.

But i need to slove this problem.

This is probably because of the baud rate…what’s yours set at?

i have a new!!

sending fax to another voip fax work perfectly. :smile:

if instead i try to send to a physical fax i get this error message “Invalid ECM response received from receiver”, ( yes, i’ve just disable ECM control).

My maximum transferrate is 14400 and the minimum is of 9600.

Thank you for your help

excusme another new :smiley: DD

It work also with physical faxes, i don’t know why pbx show me the error…

Set your maximum to 9600; most physical faxes transmit at this rate and can’t negotiate the rate.

thanks, monday i will test with 9600…

Thanks a lot for the advice :slight_smile: