Sending callers to voicemail from IVR

Okay so I have an IVR setup with a time condition to play an open and closed greeting, 7am-4 play open and after that plays closed greeting. When users call into the main line they hear this IVR and can dial an extension at any time while the recording is playing.

This works but I want the people who are dialing an extension from the IVR to go to that extensions voicemail and not actually call their phone.

I’ve scowered just about everything in the wiki and can’t find anything on how to do this. Is this even possible? I would have to do this for about 219 phones that are connected to the server. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I can’t think of a way of doing this in IVR without making 219 destinations. This is something you could use Dynamic Routes for. First dynroute would collect the DTMF from the caller store in a channel var like DTMF_STRING, the second dynroute would need to validate the string to confirm the mailbox exists (i.e. do a DIALPLAN_EXISTS for *98${DTMF_STRING}@app-dialvm) and then branch the call to a custom destination that dials the voicemail box or elsewhere if the mailbox doesn’t exist. A few moving pieces and not a trivial task with the GUI tools available but possible.

There are a few dynroutes threads here, you will get most of what you nead by reading thru them Topics tagged dynroutes

Interesting, I will have to take a look into those topics. Thanks!

I’m wondering if there would be a way to use followme based on the same calendar for all the extensions, with a very low ring time (0 or 1 second) before it goes to the voicemail.

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