Sending an email after sending calls

Hello Experts,

I would allow FreePBX to send an email after sending a call to some particular numbers. I am familiar with Asterisk open source and did this before. Now I am still new to FreePBX.

Would you please advice in which context shall I write the dial plan? And which application shall I use for sending emails?

This post will prob help:

Thanks a ton, this really helped and it’s working well.

What if I want email to be sent after call hangup, not pre-dialling the call. If I try to send email when pre-calling, then I have two issues:

  1. I am using sendEmail with an external SMTP relay, this causes dial plan to stop for few moments while trying to contact the relay server before call starts, so users are experiencing delay in calls now.
  2. I would send emails based on call status. i.e.: send only if called party has missed the call.

try using trysystem instead of system, it should be able to work around any “blocked” system calls, but you need to fix that . . .

Hangup Handlers will work for this as well.