Sending a call to zulu-uc from the command line


Is there some documentation somewhere on sending calls to zulu-uc via the websocket? I’d like to find a way to do it from the command line


You can’t. You have to send it a SIP call through asterisk. Just send it a call like any SIP extension would get.

Hi Tony,

Sorry I don’t think I worded my question very well.

What I meant was, can I send a phone number to the zulu-uc client, in the same way the zulu plugin for chrome does?

I see it uses web sockets and I want to emulate that part from the cli.


From what Tony said, I’d start with the “originate” command and see if that gets you somewhere.

After that, I’d probably look into a callfile scenario so see what that can do for you.

As to the web socket - depending on the application I’m not sure that you’re going to end up where you want to end up. For most of us, the idea is that phones are there to connect people from outside the organization and there are lots of other ways to do that that are more portable and supportable than connecting something from a web-app to a specific phone type.

Tell us more about what you’re trying to do and we might be able to brainstorm a solution that doesn’t involve lots of custom code that’s dependent on a proprietary interface.

I notcied that tel:// URLs in chrome when clicked don’t do anything useful (on linux, haven’t tested elsewhere). The zulu plugin doesn’t seem to add a handler for them.

I want to understand how the plugin sends the number to zulu-uc, so i can write my own tool to do that

It uses a proprietary protocol between the browser plugin and your local zulu client to do click to call. It has no APIs to do the same thing.