Send Voicemail to Ringroup

I would like an incoming call to get send to a voicemail and once that voicemail is done it needs to get send to a ringroup. The first person who accepts the ringgroup call then hears that voicemail message. The voicemail still needs to follow normal voicemail route where it get’s send to the configured mail address.

1 Incoming Call for extension 100
2 Extension 100 Busy > Voicemail
3 Voicemail is send by e-mail to the user
(So far this works)
4 Ringroup 200 get’s “called”.
5 A member of the ringgroup answers the call and hears "There is a voicemail for 100, press 1 to listen or smth like that).
6 User hears the voicemail.
(This is the part I want :slight_smile: )

Debian 8.9 (Fully Patched) on a VPS
Asterisk 13.8.2

What did I try?:

  • Using the Voicemail Blast module. This does send the voicemail to all extension but can’t send it to a ringgroup to be played back.
  • Tried setting it up with paging. This does let the caller record a message but it doesn’t send the message by email as an attachement.

Why do I want this?
If the 2 extensions in ringgroup A aren’t able to pickup (mostly during nights) the message needs to be send to ringgroup B where the one able to pickup can hear the voicemail and decide if it needs action or that the voicemail can stay in the mailbox for the next morning.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction on how to make this :slight_smile:

HI would suggest an ‘externnotify’ script that generates a call file that would connect the relevant inbox to the answerer of the ringgroup.called by the script.

Sounds good, i’m going to give that a try! Thanks for the pointer.

Use the s flag with voicemailmain

This module does exactly what you’re looking for:

Dear Igaetz, I know this module is EXACTLY what I want… and it’s darn cheap as well… BUT our entire infrastructure is VPS based. Our provider has limit us to the main Linux distro’s and no Asterisk/FreePBX distro’s. So we build FreePBX on Debian 8 but can’t enable the commercial modules on this one. And to run old software (CentOS 6 which is supported)…

So if u could tell me that FreePBX 14 on CentOs 7 is supported for commercial modules or that there is a way to run the commercial modules on Debian I can start sending the money in :wink:

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Dear Igaetz, Do you have any idea on when it’s possible to change the language of this plugin. I really want to buy it but have no use for it in English.