Send straight to voicemail if there's no answer at the main line

I work for a very small firm with very basic needs in which we want one employee managing the voicemails. We also want customers to call in on our main line, if no one answers, the customer will hear our personally recorded message and gets pushed through to a main voicemail box without having to dial any extensions. How can this be achieved? I have recorded the message and that is heard when no one can get to the phone, but then the voicemail box just waits for the caller to dial an extension. We don’t like this option. We would mind recording a new message that says “to leave a message press the pound key” but saying “dial *102” seems overly complicated and our callers are going to immediately realize they can still dial whoever’s extension they want. Please help.

Are you using an IVR to play the recording? You can set the Timeout Retries to 0 and then the Timeout Destination to the voicemail no message option.

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Hmm…okay I did that and the automated “we have not received a valid entry” comes on. I’d really rather a “beep” tone and then the customer is automatically transferred or I can rerecord saying to “push pound” or “push the star key”, for example.

Your timeout recording needs to be set to “None”. What you are hearing is the default timeout recording.

Question is, why are you using an IVR at all. If it’s as simple as you describe I would just use a ring group and then if no answer dump to VM.

so an inbound route something like this…

inbound Call > announcement (optional) > Ring group > No answer > Voicemail

Okay I am going to try this route ashcortech is suggesting because the IVR method still isn’t working. Ashcortech, will I need to “delete”; my IVR for this to work or will just setting up the call group as suggested be the only step?

Thank you. I am trying this route. Do I need to delete the IVR as well?

An IVR that never gets executed has no effect on the system, other than taking up a little disk space. I suggest leaving it alone, in case you want to use it later.

@Stewart1 is correct, just leave it there. It won’t hurt anything. I suggest these steps:

  1. Create a recording for the announcement, I usually go with something like “Thank you for calling XYZ Corp, located at 123 any street, Anytown. Please hold while we connect your call”

  2. upload the recording to Admin > System Recordings and save it as “main greeting.”

  3. create an announcement under Applications > announcements with that recording and a destination of the ring group. Name it “Main Greeting”

  4. In the ring group set the “Destination if no answer” setting to the voicemail box you want to use.

  5. Set inbound route “set destination” setting to the “Main Greeting” announcement.

if you want to get a little more fancy you can set up a calendar and time conditions to send callers directly to voicemail when the office is closed.

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Okay now I am super panicked everyone. None of our calls are ringing in, there’s no voicemail message being played, not even a ring tone when the customers call in. Nothing

OMG my boss is not having it! Please help. Calling in there’s still no ringtone, no voicemail recording, it’s not leaving a voicemail in my inbox or showing missed calls. I looks like it’s going straight to the bosses extension at 101 but I can’t verify that it’s still doing that. Please help.

Here is my “IVR” configuration.

Here’s how my “ring group” is currently configured.

And here’s my “inbound route” configuration.

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