Send PAI and RPID on same outbound trunk call?

I have a SIP (not pjsip) trunk with one of my providers, that recently had some changes.

is there a way for me to send both a Remote-Party-ID header as well as a p-asserted-identity header on the same outbound call on a trunk?

I found the outbound settings
rpid=yes. sends RPID
rpid=pai sends a PAI
but no notes on if i can send both.

some of our target numbers accept the RPID, some accept the PAI, and I am hoping to not have lose callerID to one versus the other.

According to the chan_sip code, no. It doesn’t allow sending both at once using that.

Use a pjsip trunk and set Send RPID/PAI to Both. If you feel that there is a problem with pjsip, post details.

If you must use chan_sip, you can set up a ‘hook’ to set the second header.

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