Send multiple SMS/MMS with sangoma connect and Voip Innovations

I have SMS/MMS setup with the Sangoma Connect Module and using Voip Innovations trunks…and it is working. Does anyone know if there is a way to send a broadcast or have multiple recipients for an SMS or MMS message? I’m getting an invalid number error in UCP when I try and send with multiple numbers.


This is typically frowned upon by upstream carriers unless you have an A2P agreement and now 10DLC setup

By default this is not a thing but it can be done. I would contact your carrier before attempting to do this though.

A blog by @tonyclewis about 10dlc

I googled for a sipstation or voip innovation equivalent blog but couldn’t find one.

I have been able to send Group Texts (up to 10 numbers) before 10DLC was a thing. Many carriers support it, I guess it depends on your upstream between you and the actual carrier allowing it. (Ie making something to do it)

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