Send energy meter readings via freepbx?

Hi all,

I have two energy meters and every month the utility guy comes in and takes the readings off them

Normally he doesn’t have to come in as the meters have got an antenna on them and it sends it to them via GSM mobile signal, that’s if they have 2g/3g mobile signal but they don’t, hence why he comes in every month, unfortunately these meters aren’t smart and WiFi won’t work with them

Is there like a sim card module I can get for my pc running freepbx and insert a sim card into it making it into a GSM hotspot for the meters and then freepbx will send it out via the outbound trunk number


If I read this correctly the meters are in an area that doesn’t have a good GSM signal so the utility guy has to enter the premises each month to read manually.

Your best bet would be to find what carrier or frequencies the GSM devices are using and put in a repeater or signal strength booster… something like this

For obvious reasons, utility companies won’t accept either your data or your source of data, more and more you will find that the antennas are for LORAWAN not GSM in their meters, all they need to do is ‘drive-by’ within a few hundred yards/meters/metres

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