Send e-mail with the Asterisk Server

Hello FreePBX users,

I have installed an IPBPX solution with CentOS 5.1, Asterisk 1.4.19 and FreePBX 2.4.0. I have fully configured my server and I want to add it an “extension”.
If no response is given to the caller in 20s, he is redirected on the IVR where he has 2 choice. First option, he leaves a voicemail. Second option, the coordinates of the caller (name, phone number, PC number) is send by e-mail to an e-mail address when he press the “2” in the IVR. Further, this option will have to be integrated with the Microsoft Windows Active Directory Server.
I need to implement the second option and do not know how to do it.
Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
Ludo S