Send Data to Asterisk from Android

Hi All. I need to authenticate the User, just like whatsApp and RedPhone, before letting them use the Android Application. For that I need to send the phone number and few other details to the asterisk server so that it could generate a code and subsequently send it via GSM SMS or HTTP text to the phone number received earlier.

I need to know a few things here :

  1. If this works would I be able to make a custom action for receiving this data at Asterisk Server side.
  2. Which would fit the bill better: AGI or AMI ?
  3. Is there any third party library for android to exploit Asterisk API to accomplish the aforementioned task.

The more important question is why you think this is a support site for Asterisk? This is FreePBX. A GUI that does use Asterisk.

Question like you are asking I would think should go to the asterisk dev list.

Also have you read Asterisk, The definitive Reference?

If you have not they will eat you alive and spit your carcass out on Asterisk Dev.

That would be because I am using FreePBX too and I have a strong feeling that it is abstracting some features which Asterisk should offer out of the box.

Asterisk is not a phone system out of the box. FreePBX uses Asterisk to create a PBX.

Read the book I mentioned.